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Location and Equipment

It is situated into a bunker of 500 m2 expressly made near to the production factory. It has been equipped with a control room, a storage area for instruments incoming from outside and three irradiation rooms:

1. X ROOM, where the following plants are located:

  • constant potential X-ray generator Balteau with ceramic tube (30 – 320 kV)
  • mammographic plant Philips (25 – 45 kV)

2. γ ROOM, where the following plants are located:

  • irradiation plant with 1 Co60 sealed source (starting activity 2,6 TBq)
  • irradiation plant with the following 5 sources:
    • Am241 (starting activity 11,1 GBq)
    • Cs137 (starting activity 0,111 GBq)
    • Cs137 (starting activity 1,85 GBq)
    • Cs137 (starting activity 37 GBq)
    • Co60 (starting activity 3,7 GBq)

Besides the a.m. plants, the centre is equipped with the following devices necessary for the calibration of:

Passive dosimeters — The centre is provided with a set of water phantoms (ISO phantoms SLAB, ROD and PILLAR) for the irradiation of passive dosimeters for body and limbs at prefixed doses in terms of Hp (10, a) and Hp (0.07, a), expressly made by COMECER up to the ISO 4037-3 rules.

3. α β γ ROOM, where are calibrated instruments for non Accredia report.

Comecer calibrations


For the surface contamination monitors, the following reference sources are actually available to characterise and calibrate (photon and planar sources 10×10 cm):

  • Am241 (starting activity kBq 2,69)
  • C14 (starting activity kBq 2,88)
  • I129 (starting activity kBq 30)
  • Cs137 (starting activity kBq 12)
  • Sr90 (starting activity kBq 3,00)
  • Co57 (starting activity kBq 35)
  • Tc99 (starting activity kBq 2,32)


A set of 4 reference radioactive solutions in 20 ml vials is also available for the calibration of radionuclide Dose Calibrators in nuclear medicine depts. Solutions actually available:

  • Cs137 (starting activity kBq 10000)
  • Na22 (starting activity kBq 4180)
  • Co60 (starting activity kBq 3645)

3. In another room, are calibrated instruments for non SIT report.