PHAEDRA Радиофармацевтический дозировочный изолятор для флаконов и шприцев

PHAEDRA — это радиофармацевтический дозировочный изолятор, оборудованный камерой класса А. Передняя дверь оснащена телескопическими манипуляторами и дверями, через которые можно напрямую манипулировать радиофармацевтическим препаратом.

Используется в Циклотрон Применяемая радиоизотопная медицина Для Закраска Научно-исследовательские работы по радиохимии и радиофармакологии Разлив сырья


  • Material introduction prechamber (airlock) complying with Class B “At rest” (EEC-cGMP) and equipped with handling gloves
  • Dispensing chamber complying with Class A “At rest” (EEC-cGMP) and equipped with laminar flow over the entire area
  • Waste compartment complying with Class B “At rest” (EEC-cGMP) equipped with front door
  • Universal extracton system that enables the transfer of vials or syringes from inside the cell to the external environment while keeping the work chamber class unaltered
  • Compatible with all the Comecer Radiopharmaceutical Dispensers
  • Shielded and hinged front door of the main chamber equipped with glass and hand doors for manipulation
  • Tele-pliers with special “QuickPlug” system in the main chamber for high sensitivity and precision-movement handling


The features of the radiopharmaceutical dispensing isolator guarantee radioprotection to the operator and the utmost effectiveness during decontamination and cleaning.
The main chamber of Phaedra is equipped with tele-pliers, which allow for the manipulation of highly radioactive pharmaceuticals in total safety, as well as hand doors that enable manual operations in compliance with radioprotection standards. The tele-pliers are equipped with a “QuickPlug” system that enables rapid extraction without seal and class loss in order to rapidly pass from tele-pliers operations to manual operations.

The work area has been specifically designed to assure perfect usability during the entire process, from dispensing to discharge and in all devices installed: calibrator, dispenser, waste compartment, and vial/syringe discharge system.

The Phaedra radiopharmaceutical dispensing isolator is also equipped with a universal extraction system that enables the transfer of vials or syringes containing radiopharmaceuticals from inside the cell to the external environment while keeping the work chamber class unaltered.

Main Features

  • 304 AISI stainless steel front coverings, easy to decontaminate, separates the laboratory area (front) from the technical cabinet (rear)
  • 316L AISI stainless steel work chambers with Mirror-Bright internal surface finish, TIG continuous welds, and widely rounded corners
  • Epoxy-coated carbon steel support structure
  • 75 mm lead shielding
  • 15” touch-screen operator panel to check and trace the critical parameters of the machine both in “at rest” or “in operation” mode
  • 1/8” technical gas supply lines with shut-off valves, which can be controlled from the outside
  • 6 mm technical gas supply line with shut-off valves, which can be controlled from the outside
  • Shielded entry for radioactive fluids
  • Cable inlet via multi-diameter seal system
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Connection for DOP test (filter sealing test) for absolute filters
  • Semi-automatic Bubble Point Test integrated with COMECER dispensers
  • Predisposition of a Geiger-Muller probe to detect radioactivity inside the cell and door interlock management
  • Set-up for an automatic ventilation closing system (AVCL) with possibility to connecting hydrogen peroxide generators (VPHP)
  • Set-up for a particle counter sensor in the main chamber and in the material introduction pre-chamber

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