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Dose calibrator

This series of state-of-the-art dose calibrators combines the best of both worlds: it has the extended functionality of a software-commanded device and the solidity of a stand-alone device. Like all Comecer calibrators, each model is used in combination with a completely digital VIK-202 or VIK-203 model ionisation chamber. The system supports different label printers. In terms of functionality, it is well-structured to correct vials and syringes and even to calculate future doses.


Both models offer a complete series of routine quality control checks for the instrument, daily, or quarterly. The results can be archived on the PC via the Data Manager option. If you do not wish to add another PC to your department or hot laboratory, the VDC-505 is the best alternative: thanks to its special V-shaped design, it offers a wide touch screen for easy operation and reading. The graphic interface is easy to use with special coloured marks that guide the user through the most important routine operations. Another ergonomic design aspect of this device are the connectors assembled inside the device, thus requiring minimum space to install it.

In the VDC-506 version, the management software is installed directly on the PC (not provided by Comecer), thus without reading unit.

VDC-505 and VDC-506 have CE Medical Device marking and are FDA approved.

The calibrator can be built into Comecer hot cells and automatic systems.

Standard supply

  • Ionisation chamber (VIK-202 or VIK-203)
  • VDC-505 or VDC-506 software (PC not included)
  • Power supply for ionisation chamber (for VDC-506)
  • Reading unit for VDC-506
  • Well liner
  • Sample holder

Optional accessories

  • Extra lead shielding (20/50 mm Pb)
  • Mo-99 breakthrough set
  • Copper dipper
  • Extra well liner
  • Extra dipper
  • Label printer
  • Check sources

Label printer

VDC-505 and VDC-506 can support the following label printer models:

  • Seiko SLP-440
  • STAR DP-8340
  • Epson TMU-295

VDC-505 Dose Calibrator