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Actualización y retroalimentación

System Upgrade & Retrofit
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Maximize your performance potential

Over time, your system will wear out, parts will become obsolete, and your production needs will change. When this happens, you can turn to Comecer for System & Upgrade Retrofit support.

Our subject matter experts helped create your system and have intimate knowledge of it. Who better to perform enhancements, retrofits, and line moves than those who know your system inside and out?

System Upgrade & Retrofit services include:

  • Performance Restoration
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Life Extension
  • Line Moves

Performance Restoration

As your system works, parts and equipment naturally become worn, and your OEE and output can suffer. With help from Comecer experts, you can restore your system to a higher production level. We will perform a system health check to help identify possible modifications for achieving target performance levels. Our goal with every upgrade is to restore the performance level to as close to when you first purchased the system.

Performance Enhancement

Improve the ROI for your system by increasing its capabilities. Our experts will evaluate your machine, then upgrade it with a design built for your needs. Whether you’re modifying your production process, introducing a new product variant, or implementing innovative technology, we can help. As your original system manufacturer, we have the most accurate and intimate knowledge of your machine. When you’re exploring upgrades, our experts know exactly where modifications can be made because they know the design better than anyone else.

Life Extension

Teach an old system some new tricks, with restoration, enhancement, and obsolescence upgrades aimed at extending its life span. Modifying an existing machine will lower your cost of ownership, and reduce time to market, when compared to purchasing a new system. We can address product changes, process modifications, and obsolete parts to improve the reliability and life span of your system.

Get the most out of your upgrade

Take advantage of other Comecer services to track and sustain your improved productivity. Ask your Comecer representative about the following services:

  • Create a plan to sustain performance with Planned Preventive Maintenance
  • Help your team to provide the best care and maintenance with Training
  • Update and optimize your spares inventory with Spares Management

System Upgrade & Retrofit - Customer Benefits

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