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Quality Management System

Comecer has held Quality Management System (QMS) certification since 2001. The selected reference standards are UNI EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485.
This target was strongly desired by the company leadership in order to create an ordered, balanced and flexible organization aimed toward the efficient management of company processes and human resources and toward increasing standardised quality client needs.

This certification was issued by notified body TÜV SÜD which is responsible to monitor the conformity status annually by means of inspection.

Quality Policy

Comecer’s growth in such complex and delicate fields as radiochemistry, nuclear medicine, isolation technology and decommissioning requires all the personnel to act responsibly with maturity and strong work ethic, always putting our primary goal first i.e., people’s safety and environmental safeguard before success and profit.

“Safety first” is the philosophy that distinguishes and identifies all of Comecer’s policies and actions, which, in terms of safety, go beyond the obligations and guidelines of the standards in force. Comecer focuses on the development of materials and technologies that are increasingly safer for the operators and technicians who use them and increasingly safer for users and patients.

Social and environmental sustainability are other two important priorities for Comecer: caring for quality, safety and the environment means responding to a fundamental ethic principle, according to which, humankind is at the centre of all problems and their solution.

In these terms, the company has identified the following goals:

  • adopting quality as a key strategy to meet profit targets;
  • meeting the quality requirements of the product and service, in compliance with agreements with the clients and the applicable standards in force;
  • improving the quality/cost effectiveness ratio over time providing sustainable development;
  • gradually structuring the company in order to fully meet customer requirements and anticipate their future expectations;
  • applying research, monitoring, cultural and qualitative development to all the suppliers, a necessary resource to pursue continuous improvement;
  • protect the health and safety of workers providing risk assessment and  prevention of occupational diseases and accidents at works;
  • maintaining the professional level of the personnel, who must measure up to the assigned tasks.

The company undertakes to plan, implement, review, maintain and continuously improve its management system to pursue its goals whilst remaining true to its mission: Safety first.



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