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The Comecer Group began in Castel Bolognese, Italy when in the mid-1970s Carlo Zanelli founded Comecer SpA, a small company specializing in nuclear technologies that quickly grew to become a world leader in the field of containment systems for pharma and radiopharma.


Our mission is to design and manufacture high-technology systems in the field of pharma, radiopharma and regenerative medicine, with the aim to continuously increase the accuracy and the safety of technicians, researchers, and patients. In fact, “Safety First” is the philosophy which distinguishes and identifies all Comecer policies and actions. Our vision is to contribute to progress and preserve life through the development of highly innovative technologies and sustainable solutions, according to the latest GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations.

Comecer operates in the field of nuclear medicine through the production of shielding systems and equipment for special applications, both for large industrial groups and for research organisations. We also operate in the isolation technology sector, developing tailored projects for the production of isolators for the treatment of toxic substances to be used in hospitals, universities and pharmaceutical companies.

Comecer products are known and used in hospitals, universities, research centers, pharmaceutical companies and large industrial groups worldwide.

Since March 2011, Fondo Italiano d’Investimento (Italian Investment Fund), a private equity vehicle founded upon an initiative of the Italian Ministry of Finance, has participated in the Comecer Group with a minority share.

Starting in 2012, Comecer has acquired two companies, Veenstra and Vitrae Czech, thus becoming an integral part and founding member of the Comecer Group.

Then, in November 2015, the fund Principia SGR replaced the Italian Investment Fund, with a stake of 45%: this operation contributes to support the growth and development of Comecer, with the medium-term aim of bringing the company on the Stock Exchange.

Comecer Headquarters

With two production sites at Castel Bolognese (Italy) and Joure (Holland), locations at Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic), Philadelphia (USA), Mumbai (India) and Beijing (China), Comecer markets its products in over 100 countries worldwide through a direct sales network and thanks to prominent technological partnerships for the joint development of new products with GE Healthcare and IBA. Comecer is the only player on the Italian market exporting 90% of its products abroad, particularly to those few companies in the world which produce cyclotron and PET machines, such as General Electric, IBA and Siemens.

At present, the Comecer Group is undergoing a growth phase which will allow it to further strengthen its business in the Italian market, and at the same time expand its range of products and increase its market coverage of specific geographic areas by way of a number of acquisitions.

By the way, Comecer and Veenstra, undisputed leaders on a European level and amongst the most important internationally, now work together to offer excellence in every aspect of nuclear medicine: concept, electronic, mechanical, and software.

With this acquisition, Comecer completes its offering with the best electronic and IT technologies for nuclear medicine such as software, electronic and mechanical instruments and equipment used in nuclear medicine, radiochemistry, radiopharmacy and calibration laboratories.

With the acquisition of Vitrae Czech, taking over the operating branch dealing with lead of this company belonging to the Brisk Tabor group, Comecer aims to reinforce its own production skills regarding special processes required in the production of its own equipment targeted at the nuclear medicine sector.

Comecer, whilst operating in a sector characterised by high technological standards, has always implemented large investments in Research & Development in order to equip itself with the essential skills and knowledge to be at the forefront and maintain an advantage over its competitors.

The company strategy is characterised by the constant enhancement of our human and technological resources, and by the optimisation of our organisational and production structure, with the aim of focusing our initiatives in the market sectors in which the Group operates and which offer the best opportunities for development.

Comecer follows the product in all its phases, from its production to its use in production and nuclear medicine facilities, and certifies all its products. All systems are tested and undergo a comprehensive series of validation checks according to the applicable Italian, European and international standards and norms. In particular, a “Safety First” Code of Ethics applies inside Comecer, which is stricter than the current legislation and which places the safety of the person and respect for the environment above any company policy and action. Safety is then translated into the quality of the materials and the processes, which allow Comecer to qualify its products in accordance with the highest standards in the sector.

Amongst the equipment produced by the company, are the cells for the handling of radioactive substances and the automatic systems for the distribution in vials or syringes, including complete lines for the production and packaging of radiopharmaceuticals.

Our Story

Founded in the 1970s as a supplier for the Agenzia Nucleare Italiana (Italian Nuclear Agency), the Group forged a partnership with ENEA and Ansaldo carrying out many research projects. In 1985, with the block on nuclear energy development in Italy, Comecer transferred its technology and know-how to the field of medicine, forging important agreements with technological and research partners and asserting itself in 2000 as a  manufacturer of shielded cells for the nuclear medicine industry. From 2005 the Company has witnessed an exponential growth in production due to international business.

Comecer Production

Business Areas

Currently, in Italy, the Group consists of three business areas:

  • Pharma: Primary Pharmaceutical Production, Fill Finish Manufacturing, R&D, Laboratory and Hospital Pharmacy, Aseptic Food Processing and Aerospace&Semiconductor
  • Radiopharma: Nuclear Medicine and Radiochemistry
  • Regenerative Medicine: dedicated solutions for Regenerative Medicine applications, including the innovative FlexyCult incubation system for Advanced Therapy labs.

Nuclear Medicine and Radiochemistry Pet-Cyclotron

Comecer designs and manufactures systems and equipment for the safe treatment of radioactive substances used in Nuclear Medicine, ensuring minimal exposure for the operator, total decontamination and unalterability under any working conditions. In particular, Comecer is a leader in the field of radiochemistry, where it creates shielding systems for special applications on behalf of large industrial groups or research organisations. Radiopharmaceuticals are those radioactive substances used to identify a specific part of the body through the emission of radioactive particles detected by gamma chambers and PET tomographs, capable of providing accurate functional morphological images.

In the Nuclear Medicine market, Comecer products can be found in the most advanced and prestigious research centers, universities, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Isolation Technology

Another important sector of Comecer production is Isolation Technology, that is all those systems designed to reduce or eliminate the possibility of extreme contamination inside a protected environment. Comecer is specialized in the customized production of isolators, instruments which allow for the highest level of separation and protection during the treatment of toxic and dangerous substances (non-radioactive) for use in pharmaceutical, chemical and food-processing industries.

Amongst other products are the Clean Room, the protective equipment for people and conventional filter or ventilation systems.

Research & Development Center

Thanks to its production flexibility, its continued investment in research, the synergies between the various divisions in the Group and know-how sharing, Comecer always develops highly innovative products for both operator safety and product protection.

The technological push is supported by the Research & Development department, a multifunctional and highly efficient center which employs 8 engineers. The center is involved in many areas:

  • Mechanics – a team dedicated to the development of highly sophisticated systems for operator and pharmaceutical protection;
  • Automation – a team dedicated to the development of automatic solutions for the fractioning and dispensing of radiopharmaceuticals;
  • Software – a team dedicated to the development of processes for the management of radiopharmaceuticals or pharmaceuticals;
  • Materials – a team dedicated to the research of new materials for the management of shielding and safety;
  • Chemistry – a team that cooperates with universities in the development of new radioisotopes.

Among the most innovative products/services are:

  • FLEXYCULTTM – Incubation System for Advanced Therapy Labs
  • THEODORICO – a robotic system which enables the preparation of dosages inside syringes and/or vials;
  • CLIO  – an automatic dispensing system for radiopharmaceutical fractioning inside vials and syringes;
  • ALCEO – a unique automatic system for the synthesis and dispensing of tracers originating from solid targets;
  • IRIS – an automatic system which directly dispenses and injects the patient with the required radiopharmaceutical dosage;
  • LETHO – an electronic injector of radioactive tracers used in PET centers;
  • WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT AND QUALITY CONTROL SOFTWARE – a Management System and Quality Control Software that provides an advanced software environment based on a client-server connection.

These products, along with others from the Comecer range, are GMP and Medical Device validated and certified as required.

 Technological Partnerships

Comecer regularly forges technological partnerships with high-level operators for the joint development of new products and is able to develop important technological breakthroughs thanks to its know-how, which consolidate the leadership position in its operating niche where it has no serious competitors.

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