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Decommissioning, or  nuclear decommissioning,  is a normal activity in the lifetime of all nuclear installations.  Its purpose is to completely dismantle  a facility where there is presence of radioactive or fissile material in a nuclear facility adopting  special precautions.

Three options for decommissioning have been internationally adopted:

  • Immediate Dismantling allows for the facility to be removed from regulatory control relatively soon after shutdown or termination of regulated activities. Usually, the final dismantling or decontamination activities begin within a few months or years, depending on the facility.
  • Safe Enclosure postpones the final removal of controls for a longer period, usually in the order of 40 to 60 years. The facility is placed into a safe storage configuration until the eventual dismantling and decontamination activities occur.
  • Entombment places the facility into a condition that will allow the remaining on-site radioactive material to remain on-site without the requirement of ever removing it totally.

Comecer provides technological support or decommissioning

For example, Comecer has made the following:

  • Shielded hot cells for liquid radwaste handling
  • Radwaste filtering systems
  • System to scan transport containers and to store radioactive waste
  • Transport containers for fissile matierials and radioactive waste
  • Specially constructed Bunker doors