SAT (Prueba de Aceptación del Sitio)

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The SAT (site acceptance test) will include the following tests:

  1. Finishing Visual check
  2. Main components visual check
  3. Internal box pressure and ventilation setting
  4. Utilities functionality and setting check
  5. Functionality/Interlocks Verification (Mechanical & Software)
  6. Hot test for dispensing systems (activity source supplied by Customer)
  7. Dose calibrator verification (activity source supplied by Customer)
  8. Safety devices and interlocks check
  9. Operator’s training
  10. Delivery of the performed FAT protocol and documentation package including:
    • Performed FAT Protocol
    • Maintenance and User’s manual
    • Recommended spare parts list
    • Certificate of compliance
    • As built technical drawings (electrical, mechanical, pneumatic & process schemes)
    • Materials certificates/data sheets
    • Main equipments data sheets
    • Instruments calibration certificates
    • Welding Processes qualification