AGT Automatic Glove Tester

The AGT – Automatic Glove Tester is used to test glove integrity in conformity with the pressure decay method ISO 14644-7 Annex E.5 (test in positive pressure). It is equipped with 1 module to test 4 gloves simultaneously.

Isolator Chamber Leak Test: the AGT – Automatic Glove Tester performs the leak test of an isolator chamber using a dedicated glove flange cover equipped with a differential pressure transmitter and temperature sensor (included in the standard configuration).

The system can be equipped with 1 to 3 glove test modules. Each module can test 4 gloves. Therefore the maximum number of gloves simultaneously tested is 12.

AGT Automati Glove Tester


  • Automatic Glove Tester
  • Automatic Leak Tester
  • Data Records & Traceability options
  • Touch-Screen & user friendly SW
  • Integrated oil-free air compressor (Medical Grade)
  • Dedicated onboard Vacuum Generator
  • Easy Start-up, Transfer & Testing


How does it work?

  • The main unit only needs power supply. Compressed air (medical grade) for glove inflating is supplied by an oil-free compressor on board.
  • The operator needs to position a flange cover on top of each flange-glove to be tested and easily secure it trough a push button.
  • The AGT (automatic glove tester) is then ready to perform the integrity glove test or the Isolator Chamber leak test.

Glove Integrity Testing: Pressure decay method performance qualification.
Read the white paper.

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