Hospital Pharmacy Equipment for Compounding and Substance Handling

Hospital pharmacy compounding systems for the preparation of oncology drugs and hospital isolator to handle cytotoxic products and hazardous ingredients.

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CACI - Oncology Isolators


Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolator - Compact

HOSPITAL-PHARMACY_PHL - Sterile Isolator for Cellular Labeling

PHL Isolator

Pharma Hospital Laboratory Isolator

HOSPITAL-PHARMACY_Pharmoduct - Automatic Sterile Compounding System


Automatic Compounding System

Hospital pharmacy equipment represents a unique product offering for environments where our asepsis and containment expertise is vital.

Patient and operator safety always comes first.

Automatic Compounding System

Compounding labs prepare personalised oncology drugs, including chemotherapy and biologicals. The safety and protection of operators in these processes are just as important as the sterility and decontamination to guarantee patient safety. Full traceability of the personalised drugs is vital.

Today antiblastic drugs are generally compounded manually under a laminar flow hood. This approach has many limitations, such as risks of operator exposure, prescription and transcription mistakes, contamination possibilities, dosing and labelling errors, long patient wait time and more.

The deployment of an automatic compounding system, like Pharmoduct,  improves the full oncology drug preparation workflow, bringing time savings and a reduction in drug waste and related costs.

This system is designed for easy integration with existing e-prescribing software. It also prepares doses by grouping them by drug instead of the prescription order. This drug-based approach is more efficient compared to other robotic compounding systems used in a hospital pharmacy.

Manual Compounding Isolator

On the other hand, manual compounding is done inside an aseptic containment isolator composed of two chambers. This isolator is suitable for limited spaces like many hospital laboratories. It can also be used as a substitute for a cytotoxic safety cabinet.

Hospital Lab Isolator

Inside this flexible isolator, the operators can prepare cytotoxic products, manipulate hazardous ingredients and perform cellular labelling.

The isolator guarantees safe and sterile conditions and isolation from hazardous substances.