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Containment Equipment: Pharma Drug Manufacturing Solutions

Comecer custom API processing and containment equipment in isolators is designed to handle, transfer, produce, dispense pharma APIs, HAPIs, and PAPI.

  • Accessories
  • Additional equipment
  • Asepsis
  • Cell Therapies
  • Chemotherapy
  • Compounding
  • Containment
  • Decommissioning
  • Decontamination
  • Dispensing
  • Dose Calibration
  • Filling
  • Furnishings
  • Incubation Systems
  • Injection
  • Lab Management
  • Production Management
  • Quality control
  • R&D Radiochemistry and Radiopharma
  • Shieldings and Doors
  • Storage and Transport
  • Synthesis
  • Testing
  • Validation
Potent API Processing Isolator


Potent API Processing Isolator


Preparation Tank Isolator

Isolator for reactor charging

API_HPAPI-QC-Isolator_QC isolator for wet analisys

HPAPI QC Isolator

QC isolator for wet analisys

API_Dispensing Isolator for dispensing process

Dispensing Isolator

Isolator for dispensing process

API Preparation & Production Isolator

Production Isolator

Isolator for production process

API Dispensing Custom R&D Isolator

Dispensing Custom R&D Isolator

Isolator for research and development


Dispensing and Weighing Isolator

Isolator for weighing and dispensing operations

API Dispensing Isolator

Isolator for API

Dispensing and aseptic operations

HAPI Isolators for transfer and dispensing

HAPI Isolators

Isolators for safe HAPI (Highly Active Product Ingredients) transfer and dispensing


R&D Isolator - Six Stage Research and Development Isolator

Six Stage Research and Development Isolator

API_MD&WI_Modular Dispensing Weighing Isolator


Modular Dispensing & Weighing Isolator

ATEX Isolator

ATEX Isolator

Isolator with ATEX compliant chamber for dispensing procedure

Dispensing & Milling

Isolator for Dispensing & Milling

Cytotoxic isolator

Isolator for cytotoxic manipulation

Isolator for washing procedure

Isolator for washing procedures


Mini Plant


Dispensing Isolator

Glove box system

Comecer designs and builds API Processing equipment for pharma drug manufacturing operations.

Comecer’s full range of custom machines and systems meet many of the requirements in a pharma manufacturing plant or laboratory, with guaranteed asepsis, operator safety and GMP compliance.

The solutions are based on isolators and address many processes.

Dispensing, Weighing, Milling

We have a specially customized isolator for R&D API processing activities.

Comecer makes dispensing and weighing isolators specific for API processing, in a variety of configurations, including modular versions.

Our HAPI (Highly Active Product Ingredients) and PAPI(Potent API)  isolators ensure total safety and protection for operators.  For HPAPI we also produce a QC isolator for wet analysis.

We also handle highly explosive substances in a Dispensing Isolator with an ATEX compliant chamber.

Our Dispensing and Milling Isolator has two glovebox chambers, one of which is used for sieving, mixing and weighing. This second chamber incorporates a mill.

Handling & Filling

We customize bulk sterile manufacturing solutions and can handle a variety of containers.

For example, we produce automated solutions integrated in isolators to handle and fill Bulk API Powder in ALU KEGS, BOTTLE SHAPED BAGS, RTP BAGS, and PE KEGS

Our Tipping and Filling line for Bulk API Powder is composed of 3 fully automatic lines plus component preparation isolator, designed for blender charging and final filling of bulk antibiotic powder.

Our Cytotoxic isolator is deployed in pharmaceutical companies to prepare, handle and process cytotoxic and static products.

We also have other isolators, including models to assist with washing procedures and reactor charging.