ATMP Pharma Equipment: Cell Culture Isolators and Incubation Systems

ATMP, Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine systems for R&D and cell factories. Incubation Systems, Cell Culture Isolators, and more, all fully customizable. After all, we are customization experts.
Radiopharma Solutions & Equipment for Nuclear Medicine Departments
Our product lines address needs in cell therapy production, incubation system, decontamination. lab management, testing and validation. Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) include gene therapy, cell therapy and tissue-engineered products. They are manufactured according to GMP guidelines. Our equipment is fully GMP compliant.
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Cell Culturing Isolators

Our isolators are closed environments with guaranteed Grade A. This removes the risk of contamination. The internal environment also provides a controlled atmosphere with specific ventilation and filtration strategies. Isolation technology solutions increase sterility and contamination control while decreasing costs and energy consumption.

Incubation Systems

A series of incubation modules integrated into a docking station, which provides shared utilities to the modules. The system can be placed in a grade D environment, with clear saving in terms of classification of environments. Modules can be transferred to an isolator for handling operations.

Cell Filling Systems

Fill Finishing Isolators for Pharma: ready to handle IV bags, vials, syringes, bottles or dry powder.
Comecer Fill Finishing isolators are deployed in pharmaceutical labs, Research and Development departments and manufacturing plants.

Down Stream Isolators

Our Isolators and related accessories help Cell&Gene Therapy Manufacturers who want to produce the best Cell Therapy drugs, by improving Product Safety and increasing plant thoughput with clear advantages in comparison with the traditional cleanroom approach

ATMP Accessories

Comecer provides a lot of accessories for the decontamination and sterilization of isolators. Comecer also supplies management systems and accessories for quality control and verification of the equipment

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