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ARGO 2.0
Vial Dispensing System

ARGO is an automatic dispensing system for vials. The equipment is designed and produced to dispense radiotracers used in PET and SPECT diagnosis and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.

ARGO is a system that complies with the cGMP guidelines for filling open vials.

Discover new ARGO software and radiopharmaceutical dispensing method

Radiopharma - Nuclear Medicine
Radiopharma - Nuclear Medicine
ARGO 2.0 - Open vials dispensing system

Argo Vial Dispensing System for Nuclear Medicine Department

  • Dispensing in open vials
  • Integrated scale for filling verification and maximum accuracy
  • cGMP compliant
  • Disposable sterile kit
  • Illuminate™ MI: IIoT manufacturing intelligence platform and factory-floor management

Functional and validated to dispense FDG, upon technical approval, it can be used for different isotopes and molecules.

ARGO offers a reliable and complete workflow. It is usually integrated in Class A shielded isolators equipped with manipulators, thus ensuring the utmost in ergonomics and convenience.

Thanks to the introduction of a scale capable of monitoring the weight of the bottle with extreme accuracy during the filling process, ARGO is able to reach high precision even at very small dispensed volumes.

Main technical features

  • Dispensing by means of a pumping syringe integrated in the disposable kit and control of the weight of the fluid dispensed via the integrated scale
  • Compact dimensions and low weight for easy moving and positioning in the working area
  • Dispensing accuracy within ± 5% with volumes > 1ml. In the range 0.5 ml ÷ 1 ml, accuracy within ± 0.08 ml
  • Label printer for vial and shielded container
  • Calculation of the concentration and formulation of the initial volume of radiopharmaceuticals with the formulation unit
  • Sterilising filter (0.22 μm) and bubble point test in-line
  • Barcode reader.


ARGO 2.0 - Open vials dispensing system + illuminate

Release the full potential of ARGO 2.0 with Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence

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