BH Series Biohazard Class A Hood

Used in Nuclear Medicine Radiopharma  ·  For R&D Radiochemistry and Radiopharma Filling , Dispensing , Dose Calibration , Quality control
BH-SERIES - Biohazard Class A Hood

The BH SERIES microbiological safety hood, also known as laminar flow workbench, has been designed to work specifically with radioisotopes.


  • Spacious work chamber for the maximum ergonomics
  • Work area with air quality conforming to Class A “At rest” (EEC-cGMP) and equipped with laminar flow on the entire area (downflow)
  • Visual area made with sliding shielded glass on the front side
  • Dose calibrator compartment set-up
  • Shielded solid waste compartment set-up with extraction door outside the class A area
  • Shielded generator compartment set-up to automatically lift 2 Mo99/Tc99m generators up to the work surface
  • 17” monitor integration set-up in the rear wall of the work area, used to control the dose calibrator via IBC DOSE CALIBRATOR
  • PC support and calibrator console set-up on the front side

It provides the user, product and environment with the utmost safety. It offers you the possibility to prepare radiopharmaceuticals under sterile and safe conditions in one single laminar flow workbench.

The hood has been manufactured in compliance with standards EN12469 (Class II). The work area complies with directives relative to Class A cGMP and it is ideal for handling Tc99m compounds or other SPECT emitters.
The hood is partially shielded with lead and it can be equipped with systems for the Mo99/Tc99m generators elution, use of dose calibrator and temporary waste storage.


  • Available with Pb 5 or 10 or 30 or 50mm shielding in side panels and work surface
  • Shielding elements made with primary ingots (Pb 98% + Sb 2% purity)
  • AISI 304 stainless steel work area
  • Filtration system to generate laminar flow in the Class A area, made with HEPA H14 absolute filtering cartridge
  • Air inflow according to reference standards
  • Air outflow filtration system made with HEPA H14 absolute filter

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BH Series: Biohazard Class A Hood

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