BU-IV and BU-IV EXP Ventilated passthrough with interlocked doors

They are studied to solve the problem of materials transiting through different environments, for example the Hot Chamber and the Quality Control area, avoiding potential downgrading of classified environments.

Used in Radiopharma Production Nuclear Medicine For Shieldings and Doors Storage and Transport Accessories
Ventilated Pass Through

The air is aspirated by the external area and sent to the hot chamber, after having been filtered by a HEPA filter inside the passthrough, keeping it at positive pressure compared to both the hot chamber and the exterior.

The passthrough BU-IV, classified in “D” class, enables the opening of the interior hatch only if the exterior one is closed and vice versa, enabling the present air inside it to be switched between closure of one hatch and opening of the other. Also, the shielding made with Pb 10 mm enables to protect the operators outside the hot chamber from risk of exposure.

Constructive characteristics

All the stainless steel components are welded by TIG method; all welds are successively ground and polished thereby preventing possible infiltration of contaminating liquids and enabling complete and perfect decontamination when necessary.

The two doors (laboratory side door is shielded) are locked by inflatable gaskets located around the your perimeter. The control system guarantees the air seal and maintains the position of the door even if there is no electric and pneumatic power supply, while allowing the emergency opening through the use of a manual valve.

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