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Dispensing Custom R&D Isolator
Isolator for research and development

The Dispensing Custom R&D isolator was designed for research and development.

The isolator operates at negative pressure with respect to the laboratory in order to protect the operator.

Dispensing Custom R&D Isolator - Isolator for research and development

Dispensing Custom R&D Isolator - Comecer isolator


  • Hinged front view panels with inflatable seals
  • Handles with integrated safety switch
  • Communication door, for communication with the adjoining chamber on installed on the back wall of the chamber
  • Circular and oval glove flanges made of PP (Polypropylene) complete with gloves for materials handling
  • Drainage sanitary tank bottom valve activated by footswitch and protected by cap with holes
  • Working plane sloped to drain valve
  • Led lights
  • Predisposition connections for WFI, PW, compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen, power/data cables and other necessary utilities. Process Gases regulation available
  • General draining piping to external tank
  • Analog gauge for internal pressure’s visualization
  • Integration of inliner
  • Analog gauge for internal pressure’s visualization
  • Fischer connectors for electrical connections
  • Metallic reticulate for reactor organization
  • Staubly connectors for Nitrogen inlet, IN thermoregulation, OUT thermoregulation, Vacuum inlet and CIP inlet
  • Speedy Gloves for glove intergity testing
  • Remote service connection
  • Batch Reporting & SCADA

The Dispensing Custom R&D isolator has one system for washing & drying and one for drainage discharge.

The isolator comprises one or more chambers, as listed below:

  • Pre-chamber – used for introducing and unloading the materials;
  • Main chamber – used for operations of handling and weighing of the product.

Different kinds of equipment are integrated or available as option upon request, as:

  • Washable scales, printer and panels
  • Continuous Liner and DPTE
  • WIP / CIP system
  • H14 Bag-in Bag-out Inlet/Outlet Filters
  • Aseptic pharma valve

The isolator is equipped with a fitting to allow integration with a drying oven.

Furthermore, in the main chamber there is a structure to support a reactor and plates for the customer’s instrumentation utilities.

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