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Washing & Sterilizing Machine

DF Siena

The washing & sterilizing machine join two processes usually performed separately, like washing components before and then sterilize them.

The DLV series of glass washing machines are suitable for washing containers of varying shapes and capacities, depending on the customisation of the loading racks used. In the double door version, they allow complete separation of the loading and unloading areas.

Suitable in a pharmaceutical environment to treat mechanical parts after a shift in classified area, when it is required their washing and sterilizing before a new batch.

DLV - Washing and Sterilizing Machine

DLV - Washing Sterilizing Machine

  • AISI 316 made with rounded corners and Ra<0.5 μm finishing
  • Automatic sliding door(s) – Pass through option available
  • Internal/external washing
  • Centrifugal pump for recycle washing
  • Direct rinse with pressure control
  • Detergents addition with dosing control by weighing
  • Blowing with heated compressed air
  • Conductivity control
  • Fully drainable
  • Sanitization by Dry-Fog processing
  • Leak test function
  • Humidity/Temperature control
  • Residual H2O2 concentration control
  • Internal lighting
  • PLC Siemens + HMI interface CFR 21 Part 11 compliant


  • Management overhead costs reduction.
  • Required spaces reduction by joining the washing and sterilizing activities.
  • Washing and (mostly) sterilization time reduction, thanks to the ultrafine Dry-Fog particles, not wetting the surfaces and still in suspension at the contact time completion, then easily removable during the final aeration.
  • Reduced particles contamination probability during the components transfer (particularly with the double door model)

It is particularly suitable for the processing of vibrating bowls, trays or boxes, guiding parts and other change size parts, that need cleaning and sterility before to be in contact with sterile products.

The machine directly opens a door in the sterile room after its work cycle (double door model), avoiding all outside transfer phase (like before and after the autoclave processing), with all related possible contamination by microorganism.

The washing, performed with both recycled water by centrifugal pump, eventually with soap, acid or similar addition, both with direct rinse, is certified by measuring the conductivity of the wasted water.

The hydrogen peroxide atomization after the usual washing/drying steps (Dry-Fog processing at temperature of about 65°C, with max oxidation of H2O2), guarantee the perfect asepsis, with overall economy of plants and logistic.

Design and manufacturing according to current GMP and pharmaceutical standards. CFR21 compliant PLC/HMI control and cycle report available.

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