How to easily monitor a radiopharmaceutical production Lab

Is there an easy way to monitor radiopharmaceutical production?


  • You want real-time control of your radiopharmaceutical production facility but you’re a bit lost with all those different environmental measuring devices hanging around everywhere
  • You use your own building management system and don’t want another software package
  • You want to keep track of all the measuring parameters of your facility but don’t want a cumbersome paper system
  • You need to know with one glance that a department is under control.


You could buy all the detectors separately and see the current status on the display of each individual device. With 10-20 devices normally scattered around a facility, you would never get the single-point overview control of your production process and your facility.


The Comecer SmartGuard is a modular environmental radiation monitoring system that permits operators to have a real time and continuous control of the whole facility by means of a clear and immediate visualization of all potentially dangerous events.

Smartguard Monitoring System

The system can be configured to meet the specific needs of a site with a choice of modules available. The main modules are:

  • VRM-303, Geiger Muller probe
  • VMS-LA, Luminous alarm column
  • VRM-SM, Stack Monitor for continuous air activity measurement in the stack
  • VMS-POE, Power over Ethernet switch
  • VMS-CS, Control Station.


  • See the status of measuring devices immediately with the remote display VMS-RD.  See your entire facility all at once on a pleasant and easy to use screen
  • Get an e-mail automatically if a measuring device causes an alarm
  • Get notified directly in case of an alarm with the light columns (VMS-LAs) mounted at strategic points
  • SmartGuard’s VMS software has an optional BACnet interface, which will merge with your own building management system (BMS), making it work the way you want it to work: VMS will become a slave to the BMS and integrate with it
  • Achieve a paperless system with the online reporting capabilities of VMS
  • Configure all devices from the same seat using VMS. You don’t have to physically go to the obscurely located devices anymore.

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