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Cell & gene incubators
Fixed integrated incubators for cell & gene

COMECER develops its product line of incubators to be integrated into its ValueCell Product line of Isolators dedicated to Cell&Gene Therapy (ATMP), gaining unique and undiscussed experience in this field.

COMECER incubators are specifically designed for this scope:

  • they have built-in tightness features and sealable doors
  • they have stable extractable trays to facilitate access,
  • they are made of pharma grade stainless steel
  • they can be prepared in different sizes with personalized internal organization
Integrated incubator for cell & gene

Cell & gene integrated incubators - Comecer

  • VPHP compliant.
  • Air and CO2 with the correct moisture is prepared outside the incubator and delivered ready.
  • No need for a water reservoir inside the incubation module.

Comecer Integrated Incubators are provided with gentle internal ventilation able to guarantee uniform distribution of temperature RH and C02 concentrations obtained using suitable vaporization and injection systems. Warming is performed directly on the airflow and in addition through a set of adjustable all-around electrical resistances

Working parameters can be easily accessed from the main panel of theisolator, which also shows all the significant variables used to determine proper operation. All the features are monitored and alarmed.

COMECER Incubators are specifically built to fit GMP requirements and straightforward integration into Isolator environments. Their use with COMECER Isolation Technology represents a cutting edge in this rapidly evolving field and a valuable solution to many issues around the use of incubators inside isolators.

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