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Customised equipment for efficient vaccine production

We cover the entire workflow, from formulation to fill finishing

upstream isolators > syringe and vial filling lines > sterility testing isolators

vaccine production equipment
Customised equipment for efficient vaccine production

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cost effective vaccine research

Cost effective
and fast ROI

Get the fastest turnaround from order to delivery. Our equipment is competitively priced, ask us and find out.

to your needs

We are customization experts, so you don’t have to go with standard equipment that cannot adapt to your processes and workflow.

modular design vaccine development

Modular design
(scale out)

Start with what you need now knowing you can add more modules to handle a larger workload.
Scale out is easy with our modular architecture.

Have questions?
Scheduling a call is the fastest way to get answers

Vaccine production must move fast

Don’t lose time waiting for the equipment you need.

We can help you deploy a custom solution at your lab from 6 to 8 months of order.
Start vaccine production ASAP.

Production plants need flexibility

Don’t risk spending money and finding out that standard equipment is not what you need.

Our solutions suit a variety of processes and workflows, let’s design yours!

You can trust Comecer’s expertise

We are known worldwide for our experience in customizing pharmaceutical equipment. Our solutions are in use now for a variety of custom processes and filling needs.

Who else in the industry has 40 years of experience in isolation technology?


Work with our experts to ensure that you get exactly what you need

We listen to your needs.
We analyze and understand your processes / environment.

We discuss with you all possible alternatives.
You test the chosen solution in a mockup.

We use top quality materials and manufacture completely in-house with quick turnaround.

We provide qualified worldwide installation, service and support.

All our equipment can be customised

VaxISO™ – Upstream Isolator – Dedicated stand-alone isolator for Research and Final Formulation

VaxISO™ - Upstream Isolator - Dedicated stand-alone isolator for Research and Final Formulation
  • Flexible configuration suitable for a variety of processes
  • Smart integration with incubator or refrigerator
  • On-Board decontamination system
  • Easy PLUG-AND-PLAY installation

COMBO PHILL™ Aseptic Filling Line for Vials and Syringes – fully integrated with Isolator or RABS

COMBO-PHILL Aseptic Filling Line for Vials and Syringes
  • Ready to process Vials or Syringes in Tubs/Nest
  • 3000 p/h from 2R to 20R formats
  • Flexible, with semi-automatic or automatic modules
  • Suitable for in-line lyophilizer integration and automatic loading and unloading system
  • Quality Control Testing

New MSTI – Modular Sterility Testing Isolator

New MSTI - Modular Sterility Testing Isolator
  • Modular approach to fit all sample loading
  • Grade A fully closed isolator with laminar airflow
  • Fast decontamination cycle
  • Ready to use installation and validation

Schedule a call with our experts now

The preliminary phase is free for the first 10 requests.

We will listen to your requirements and help you understand if our solutions can meet your needs.

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Guaranteed quality

316L stainless steel. Certified welding. Skilled personnel.
Full cGMP and FDA compliance.
Validation with standard and R&D testing: FAT, SAT IQ, OQ, PQ, cycle development and SMEPAC.

Why choose Comecer instead of bigger, better known companies?

Our winning strength is the ability to build tailor-made solutions for our clients, while many bigger companies focus on much larger standard equipment. We operate in industries where each client has unique requirements, so standard solutions in most cases are not a good fit. That’s why we always start new projects by listening to client needs and requirements.

We assign a dedicated project team that analyzes and understands the processes and the environment, since no two organizations, though similar, have identical characteristics. The team collects all the data, studies all aspects and designs solutions. This is where years of experience come into play. We then discuss with the client the possible alternatives that can meet their requirements.

Many customers are not aware of how much customization is possible and are surprised when they see our proposals.

What experience does Comecer have?

Comecer operates in the isolation technology sector since the 1980s, developing tailored projects for the production of isolators primarily for pharmaceutical, biotech, and chemical applications.

Our solutions are deployed worldwide in over 500 private and public institutions.