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Micro-dispenser for Lu-177 and Ac-225

MIKROS is a micro-dispenser for free carried radioisotopes like 225Ac or 177Lu inside 2 ml conical DIN ISO 20 and 10 ml flat bottom DIN ISO 20 vials.

Using pipette tips for Tecan, MIKROS withdraws the radio fluid from a conical 10 ml vial and the HCl from a 20 ml vial. MIKROS is designed to be used in a pharmaceutical or similar environment with suitable management of cleaning activities and environmental parameters.

MIKROS - Mircrodispenser for Lu-177 and Ac-225


  • Dispensing of 177Lu and 225Ac
  • Dispensing from 10 μl to 5000 μl
  • High accuracy
  • Safe and fast

Mikros is made of:

Barcode reader

The barcode reader is used to identify the empty vial before it is moved to the vial transfer system by the telemanipulator.

Dispensing unit

The unit consists of two TECAN modules that move horizontally and vertically by means of a motorised sledge. The unit fills vials by dispensing the radio fluid or the diluent with pipettes and can fill from 10 μl up to 5000 μl.

Crimping unit

The unit consists of two stopper removal/positioning stations that move vertically by means of a motorised sledge The stopper removal/positioning stations remove and position the stoppers.

Vial transfer system

The unit consists of a mechanical arm fitted with a gripper that automatically moves the vials under the various stations. The unit is equipped with a drip tray to protect the module from any fluid leaks.


The unit has a load cell. The load cell enables the vials to be weighed.

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