MiniMa Manual R&D hot cell

Used in Nuclear Medicine Radiopharma  ·  For R&D Radiochemistry and Radiopharma Dispensing
MiniMa - Manual R&D Hot Cell

Comecer MiniMa hot cell is an airtight and shielded dispensing box ideal for R&D manual operation.

MiniMa can be used  for either manual syringe dispensing of radiopharmaceuticals or for use in combination with (semi-) automatic dispensing systems of various brands.


  • Chamber tightness ensured by static gasket system
  • Frontal large window
  • Dose calibrator compartment
  • Waste compartment
  • Hand passage doors

The box with an integrated lead glass viewing window comes with two arm openings (shielded in closed position) and one large shielded door on the front side for bringing items in or out. The internal workspace is provided with an opening on the lower floor to the right, under which, in a particular shielding 50 mm lead, can accommodate an ionization chamber. There is also a second opening on the left to access the Waste group, shielded in lead.

Although the shielding is an integral part of the MiniMa hot cell, the dose calibrator is offered as a separate item, including a PC based version where the special fan-less mini PC is integrated in the bottom part of the box.

The inner housing is complete stainless steel with inner light and one integrated power socket. The outside body and the closed  bottom part are in AISI304 stainless steel. The shielded ionization chamber and the shielded waste unit are integrated in this closed bottom part, where the waste-unit has a lockable, shielded door for easy removal of the actual waste bin.
All shielding of the dispensing box working area, including the lead glass window, the two arm openings, the side door, the waste compartment and its external door, are 30 mm of lead. The ionization chamber is shielded with 50 mm lead.

Standard the box comes with a Hepa filter on the air inlet and a charcoal filter on the air-outlet as well gloves in the arm-openings.

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MiniMa: Manual R&D hot cell

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