SPM Motorized Sliding Door

The series of SPM doors have the sliding wing and are equipped with pneumatic/oleo-dynamic type of movement. To insure the radiation seal on the external perimeter, the wings overlap, as to the opening passage, the length superior to at least ten times the existing distance between the shielding barrier and the fixed wall.


The door slides inside of the floor built-in channel, in order to create 100 mm of shielding overlap even in the lower part. The door drags the running board, with stainless steel components, which guarantees the floor continuity at any condition.

The SPM doors are operated by the double-acting pneumatic cylinder, which insures smooth, linear and extremely silent movement. The special oleo-dynamic circuit, along with the pneumatic cylinder, have two important functions:

  • Regulation of both, opening and closing velocity
  • Realization of the acceleration and deceleration ramps in proximity of the stop position.

The SPM doors are equipped with a cover, made of aluminium edged white ennobled panels which have function to enclose the floor channel on the opening side of the door.

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