R&D Isolator - Six Stage Research and Development Isolator Six Stage Research and Development Isolator

This isolator, ideal for research and development,  is designed to provide the maximum protection for the operator during the manipulation operations and to ensure the separation between the external environment and the interior of the isolator itself.

Used in R&D, Laboratory and Hospital Pharmacy For Containment


  • 6 working areas
  • Turbulent flow with nitrogen
  • O2 monitoring
  • Negative pressure in respect with laboratory environment
  • Fully PLC controlled
  • Fully washable

The operator is standing while working and he/she is completely isolated from the manipulated material. The 6-stages isolator is divided into the following glove box chambers:

  • Chamber A – Reactor provided with tubes that connect to synthesis chamber C
  • Chamber B – Material inlet prechamber
  • Chamber C – Synthesis 1
  • Chamber D – Drying, a Mazzali Systems vacuum dryer is connected on the rear side
  • Chamber E – Synthesis 2  equipped with MT analytical balance
  • Chamber F – Material outlet prechamber equipped with barrier sack system

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