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SPECT Production Hot Cell
for solid target manipulation

This hot cells line covers the complete process of solid target manipulation, including also production and dispensing of the radiopahrmaceutical, according to the current GMP guidelines.

Spect production hot cell

SPECT Production Hot Cell for solid target manipulation

The system has been designed and built for the manipulation of irradiated materials and it is composed by seven hot cells, some of them equipped with master-slave manipulators. The cells are connected to each other by a transfer system, called “Conveyor”. The shielding varies from 75 to 150 mm of lead and moreover the working chambers of the chemistry cells are made of PVC. The line configuration includes the following hot cells:

  • Receiving Hot Cell, where the irradiated targets coming from the cyclotron are delivered
  • Recovery Hot Cell, used to store the irradiated materials
  • three Chemistry Hot Cells (two for Tl-201 and one for Ga-67), with internal boxes made of PVC, used for the synthesis of the radiopharmaceutical
  • two Automatic Dispensing Systems (one for Tl-201 and one for Ga-67), for the calibration, dispensing and packaging of the radiopharmaceuticals inside shielded transport pots: all dispensing operations are carried out by a robotic arm. The dispensing systems are connected to the production hot cells (Chemistry) through radio-fluids inlet lines, while a lower tunnel equipped with a tray (Conveyor) ensures the transfers of the irradiated materials among the receiving, the recovery and the Chemistry hot cells.

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