VPHP Vapor Phase Hydrogen Peroxide generator

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ACCESSORIES_VPHP - Vapor Phase Hydrogen Peroxide generator

In Pharma and Radiopharma fields, decontamination and sterilisation of isolators is an important aspect in the daily practice of those who work in this field, and a requirement which today is particularly challenging and difficult. The use of VPHP allows effective and safe decontamination.


  • Automatic and repeatable decontamination process in aseptic environment
  • Guaranteed reduction with 6 log reduction
  • Compact size and low impact on the laboratory
  • Reduced overall system cost

Despite the many advantages that this method has, among which is respect for the environment, it is still not widely used in nuclear medicine, particularly because of the lack of integrated technology solutions. Comecer is well aware of the potential of VPHP and the importance of making it also available in the field of nuclear medicine.

We have worked to design integrated solutions that would allow anyone who wanted to use this method to have a product fit for their purpose.

Features and Benefits

  • Performs decontamination tasks safely and effectively according to the highest pharmaceutical standards
  • Reduces the difficulty and the time spent by an operator in routine procedures, minimising the extraordinary cleaning procedures
  • Automates and makes the decontamination process in an aseptic environment repeatable
  • Controls the system directly from the control panel of the isolator, integrating an automatic decontamination phase into the production process
  • Reduces mounting dimensions and the impact on the laboratory
  • Can be located within the equipment compartment of the laboratory without affecting the classified area and ensuring a better approach to cGMP
  • Reduces the lengths of the distribution circuit, compressing process times and waste decontamination
  • Allows a unique reference point for the installation, validation and service of the integrated isolator + generator solution

After much effort, we have finally reached this goal: a hydrogen peroxide generator that can be integrated in all our shielded isolators for aseptic processes. This integrated system can reach the target for the decontamination process: log 6 reduction.

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VPHP: Vapor Phase Hydrogen Peroxide generator

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