COMBO-PHILL Aseptic Filling Line for Vials and Syringes by Comecer

Coming Soon: Our NEW Approach to Isolated Aseptic Filling

23 October 2020

Interesting video, tell me more » Combo Phill™ is our new Aseptic Filling Line for Vials and Syringes Compact, flexible, […]

PAPI – Potent API Processing Isolator

30 July 2020

Potent-API processing isolator Watch the NEW Comecer PAPI for containment requirements for pharmaceutical companies that require high-level protection during potent […]

Long-life for respirator masks: a new perspective good for the planet

29 July 2020

Long-life for respirator masks: the reuse of FFP3/FFP2/N95, and other devices can be a new perspective good for the planet […]

Virtual Tour of Comecer Production Plant

20 July 2020

Take a virtual tour of Comecer HQ You can see the development and production of high technology systems in the […]

Deconbox FPP mask

DeconBox™ Decontamination system for Respirator Masks and Other Devices

5 June 2020

Our references in the world Our solutions have been used worldwide in both private and public institutions.   Europe 318 […]

Respirator mask shortage solution: a new, purpose-built, VPHP bio-decontamination system

5 June 2020

Respirator mask shortage issues Providing a new respirator mask every day for employee safety has become an issue.  Not only […]

Our solutions for vaccine research and production

30 April 2020

Is your company focusing its efforts on vaccine production? Comecer is ready to supply equipment for vaccine research and production. […]

Advanced R&D isolator for H2O2

Advanced R&D isolator for decontamination and oxidation studies

14 March 2020

H2O2 “Ultra-Low concentration” investigations on sterile pharmaceutical products Vapour Phase Hydrogen Peroxide (VPHP) is largely exploited as a sterilization agent […]

Mock-up testing via a live-streaming connection

13 March 2020

In COMECER, we take customer feedback seriously. That is why mock-up testing is one of the key steps in the […]


6 March 2020

A BATCH APPROACH FOR PATIENT SPECIFIC ONCOLOGY DRUGS Oncology drugs compounding Pharmacy Compounding is the creation of a personalized drug […]

Production of ATMP Advanced Therapies in GMP

Production of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) according to the GMP

11 February 2020

The new guidelines for the production of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products according to the GMP: review and commentary on some […]


Isolated Dry Powder Device Filling & Capping Automatic Machine

31 October 2019

Isolated Dry Powder Device Filling & Capping Robotic Automatic Machine

Keep calm and ST-AI tuned: automation is finally heading to Sterility Testing!

28 October 2019

Imagine a lab where sterility testing is performed automatically. A dream? Not really. A New ST-AI Sterility Testing Automated Isolator […]

Comecer collaborates to create a safer intravenous delivery

5 March 2019

  Comecer, Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) and the Italian Biochemical Institute (IBI) “Lorenzini” recently partnered to leverage and combine the […]

Cell&Gene therapy automation solutions

Cell & Gene Therapy Automation Solutions – Anthropomorphic robot guided by vision camera system integrated in isolator

15 February 2019

Customization project for ATMP (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products): Robotic Automation study for Cell & Gene Therapy Equipment for advanced gene […]

Co.don AG cleanroom equipment delivered

13 February 2019

It took us 11 months from contract signature to delivery. Our manufacturing teams worked hard to meet customer expectations and […]

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