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A guide for your production plant’s digital transformation

Smart factories are predicted to deliver 500 billion US dollars in value by 2022 with a 7-fold increase in overall productivity attained over five years.

The smart factory revolution is upon us, and manufacturing organizations around the globe are looking to technology and innovation to improve efficiencies and productivity.

With Industry 4.0, plant managers can now connect people, processes, and equipment in dynamic and powerful ways. This connectivity allows for seamless process integration, more efficient and optimized maintenance activity, and more fluid communication and collaboration across lines, teams, and plant locations. Isn’t this something you dream of?

Our approach to Industry 4.0

Pharmaceutical and radiopharmaceutical laboratories, nuclear medicine plants, and ATMP research centers can now benefit from the advantages of smart manufacturing technologies.

Comecer’s solutions can be installed with Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence, a device-agnostic Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Production Solution that provides critical information on the essential processes of production activity.

A valuable checklist of key questions to ask when building your plan of action

ATS, our digital transformation partner, has prepared a comprehensive guide that we believe will be useful for pharma and radiopharma manufacturing plants. Inside you will find:

  • 7 ways Industry 4.0 improves performance on the manufacturing floor
  • 8 goals that plant managers and their teams aspire to achieve
  • An action plan to identify plant improvement opportunities and develop solutions for asset management
  • 27 characteristics of a superior RMO methodology

The guide is written specifically for plant managers but can also help engineers and staff in production centers that want a bigger picture of how Industry 4.0 will affect their work in the near future.

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