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Eliza Shielded Laminar Flow Isolator: the best just got better

We have worked hard during this past year to make our ELIZA Shielded Laminar Flow Isolator even better, listening to client requirements and feedback. Eliza already had plenty of features that account for its success and wide deployment, particularly with emitting SPECT radiopharmaceuticals.

Eliza Shielded Isolator

Read on to find out what is new.

SPECT Shielded Isolator

The ELIZA hot cell is the ideal isolator to manage low microbiological risk processes, such as the daily production of Tc99m compounds in closed kits, but also for high-risk processes. In fact, the use of a Class A isolator is no longer an option in high microbiological risk preparations. Cellular markings are procedures that belong to this second category. The ELIZA shielding is ideal to protect the operator from low or medium energy isotopes, guaranteeing flexibility also in terms of radiation protection. ELIZA, while focusing on Technetium, can now handle a wide range of isotopes and procedure used in modern nuclear medicine departments.

Full LAF

The most important improvement is Full Laminar Flow (Full LAF). Laminar Airflow now covers the entire work area, while in the old model only the dispensing zone was under LAF. (To learn about the different types of airflow, you can read this article on our website, and download the Comecer Air Filtration pdf from the same page)

Why did we make this major improvement?

  • Customer have asked for a larger work area to carry out daily operations. We have responded with Full LAF in Eliza, offering complete laminar airflow coverage of the entire work area.
  • Full LAF provides additional safety in terms of microbiological and particle contamination. With the entire work area under laminar airflow, we guarantee cleaner air in the work environment.

Double Airlocks

Along with Full LAF, Eliza now has an output airlock, in addition to the input airlock. This allows Eliza to handle the introduction of consumables from one airlock and the output of the finished product from a different airlock, as indicated by GMP.

Summary of key features:

  • Class A full LAF isolator system with background in class D.
  • Class A hood with background in B high microbiological risk
  • 20mm shielding
  • Double large class B airlocks
  • Class B chambers to house generators and to confine waste
  • Best suited for handling radiopharmaceuticals such as
    • Tc99m – In111 – I123  – Ga67 – Tl201 – Re188 (max 200 mCi)
    • Lu-177 (with local plastic shielding)
    • Y90 (max 100 mCi and with local plastic shielding)
    • P32 (max 300 mCi and with local plastic shielding)
    • F-18 and Ga-68 low activity or with supplementary internal shielding (assessment necessary)

The newest Eliza Laminar Flow Isolator: your radiopharmaceutical processes are now even easier and safer.

To see for yourself the effectiveness and operational efficiency of this product  get in touch with our team by filling out the form below.

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