EANM’17 21 - 24 October 2017

Comecer will be present at the 30th Annual EANM Congress in Vienna. As always this event is the occasion to showcase some of our most important innovations. Come visit our Stand 412 for:

At our stand you will have the chance to see the following:

Iris Injector


Phaedra Isolator

BH – Fume Hood

THECLA dispensing isolator

THECLA dispensing isolator

Febo Dispensing System

Febo Syringe Dispenser

Argo Vials Dispensing System

Argo Vial Dispenser

ARGO-T Closed Vial Dispensing System

Argo-T Closed Vial Dispenser

Clio Dispenser

Timo2 Syringe Dispenser

ALCEO Solid Target Processing System

Alceo Solid Target Processing System

IBC-NM & IBC-CLINIC management software

IBC-NM & IBC-CLINIC management software


IBC RP Software

Logo DoseFX

DoseFX Software

Therabed Metabolic Radiotherapy Software

Therabed Software

E-Label - Automatic vial labelling system

E-Label Labelling System

Smartguard Monitoring System

Introducing Speedy Glove

Speedy Glove is Comecer’s brand new automatic portable glove integrity tester that performs leak tests 30% faster than the market standard. It is compatible with all currently available glove flanges and can be used in isolators or RABS where strict separation between the isolated area and the external environment is required. Speedy glove can perform both in-port and over-port tests in compliance with ISO 14644-7 Annex E.5 requirements.

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EANM 2017 Vienna


Vienna, Austria


21 - 24 October 2017


Nuclear Medicine