2018 Video Highlights

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Here is a roundup of all this year’s videos, divided in three categories, with links to each one so you can watch only the ones you are interested in.

New corporate video, showings our entire process, from initial customer visit at our HQ to successful Site Acceptance Test

Pharma - Isolation Technology

Speedy Glove: Automatic Portable Glove Integrity Tester

Handling & Filling of Bulk API Powder

Manipulation aseptique entièrement automatisée et remplissage de la poudre API en vrac dans la technologie des isolateurs

Robotic GMP Isolator with Double Vial Dispensing Systems

ATMP - Regenerative Medicine

Isolateurs de culture cellulaire et système d’incubation Flexycult pour laboratoires de thérapie avancée-Projet Co.don AG

Regenerative Medicine and ATMP: new video trailer

Radiopharma - Nuclear Medicine

Rubidium-82 Generator Production Line

Lu-177 Robotic Dispensing Line

ARGO-T Transseptal Closed Vial Dispensing System

Dispensing Line for Ioflupane I123 Injection

MUSA 68Ga Shielded Isolator for Gallium-68 Synthesis and Dispensing

High-Throughput Aseptic Isolator for Vial and Syringe Filling

PHAEDRA & Clio : Isolateur de distribution radiopharmaceutique pour flacons et seringues