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Automatic Isolator & ATS SuperTrak PHARMA™
High quality sterile filling system

Unleashing the power of asynchronous technology within aseptic environments for high quality sterile filling.

The Comecer and ATS quality of workmanship and experience in isolation and aseptic technologies has been combined in a sterile filling system.

The end result is a sterile filling system that is state of the art, fully integrated, and up to date with the latest regulatory requirements including cGMP, FDA, CE, and UL.

The Comecer Isolator is designed to deliver aseptic conditions inside the machine processing area, to protect product sterility, and to safeguard operators from toxicity exposure.


  • Application and filling flexibility: vials, syringes, bags, cartridges, combination products, ampules, dry powder processing, pills
  • Automated manufacturing, reducing the need for manual intervention
  • Reduced particle generation as a result of minimal moving components
  • Speeds much faster than a walking beam or any other traditional transport system
  • Isolator with air quality compliant with Grade A in Operation (EEC-cGMP conforms)
  • Handling gloves and hydrogen peroxide generators (VPHP) available

Asynchronous sterile filling system

For the first time, SuperTrak PHARMATM, an innovative solution for fast asynchronous conveyance, is integrated into a Comecer aseptic isolator.
This linear motion technology platform can be used in your different applications such as ready-to-mix filling and assembly for combined products under very stringent aseptic conditions.

Clean Compact Fast


  • Isolator with air quality complying with Grade A “In Operation” (EEC-cGMP)
  • Laminar airflow over the entire area and handling gloves
  • Integrated hydrogen peroxide generators (VPHP)
  • Reduced particle generation: minimal moving components


  • End-to-end solution that reduces the overall footprint
  • Ability to hand off to further processes and fit any orientation or layout


  • Speed up to 2.5 m/s (8.2 ft/s)
  • Acceleration up to 1G with 5 kg (11 lb) payload
  • Ideal for automated aseptic assembly of multi-component drug delivery devices

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Sterile Filling System - SuperTrak & Comecer Isolator