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Automatic vial labelling system

  • No more labels to be attached on the vial before dispensing
  • Prints and automatically applies label immediately after calibration and before vial discharge
  • Compatible with different sizes of vials
  • Supports different types of labels and color
  • Can be used stand alone or integrated in dispensing systems with drawing system
  • Integrated camera proves the correct application of the label
E-LABEL - Automatic vial labelling system

E-LABEL - Automatic Vial Labelling System for Shielded Isolators and Nuclear Medicine Hot Cells

Features and benefits

  • Design that simply fits the integration inside Comecer dispensing hot cells or as a standalone equipment;
  • Possibility to have, printed on the label, the effective value of activity dispensed inside vials and the exact time of calibration;
  • No possibility to fill the wrong vial when using manual or semiautomatic dispensing system, since all the data are printed after the dispensing process;
  • No additional costs to include a barcode reading system inside the hotcell;
  • Labelling inside a class C environment;
  • Easy cassette replacement system that simplifies preparation operations and reduces the setup time;
  • Label cassette with large capacity (50 ÷ 65, depending on label length), usable for different production batches;
  • Automatic system for the recovery of labels scrap after application on vials;
  • Possibility to apply labels over several sizes of vial



The label on a vial of radiopharmaceutical is taken for granted and usually given no further thought: everyone would expect to see the correct amount of activity, calibration time, expiry date and further production information.
Up to now, labels were usually applied before filling the vials, and the data printed on them were only an expected approximation of the real values; the logistics necessary to manually apply labels on the vials and to keep the data on the labels as similar as possible to reality only become evident on closer examination. A labelling equipment which prints a label with authentic vial data, and then applies it immediately to the appropriate container would simplify the process enormously for radiopharmaceutical manufacturers: no more sticky labels inside the laboratory, no more wasted time, no more approximated data, no more mismatches.


If the target is a more GMP and easier workflow, then Comecer eLabel gets you closer to the target: it has been specifically designed and manufactured for the automatic labelling over sealed vials filled with radiotracers typically used in PET (Positron Emission Tomography) and SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) diagnostics, as well as of generic radiopharmaceuticals for therapy. Comecer eLabel features a thermal transfer printing head to quick transfer data over laminated labels, an automatic label applier and an affordable vial delivery system, everything inside a compact metal frame.


The unibody tape cassette is easy to replace, does not require any mechanical regulation and allows to print resistant laminated labels containing text, symbols, logos and barcodes.

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