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Lu-177 N.C.A. Production
Production and dispensing hot cells with an internal high precision robotic dispenser

Lu-177 production and dispensing cGMP double hot cell with common intermediate airlock and saturated steam autoclave, shielded with lead 50 mm.

Lu-177 production line

Lu-177 N.C.A. Semiautomatic Production And Dispensing Plant

  • Number of working chambers:
    • 2
  • Type of process:
    • Terminal sterilization
  • Type of shielding:
    • Lead 75 mm / Lead 50mm
  • Automation systems available:
    • Arrangement for automatic extraction and purification system supplied by the customer
    • Semi-automatic dispenser for volumes of radioactive product in the range of microliters
  • Particularly interesting features:
    • Handling management of highly concentrated and corrosive substances, at room temperature and in evaporation
    • Protective acid-proof coating with fluoropolymer (ventilation)
    • Semi-automatic dispensing of volumes in the range of microliters for radioactive product
    • “SIL-2”-certified safety interlocks according to IEC 61508
  • Productivity:
    • 50 vials in 8 hours, terminal sterilization included.

The plant consists of 2 hot cells, one dedicated to the extraction and purification of the product, one dedicated to the dispensing and terminal sterilization.

The part related to the extraction of the product is a cell equipped with a tele-pliers and dose calibrator, completely protected with an acid-proof coating based on fluoropolymers. It is designed to integrate a customer-specific module for the separation of 176Yb from 177Lu.

The cell handles high quantities of liquid and solid wastes in appropriate separate compartments, necessary in this type of production process. The dispensing cell integrates tele-manipulators and an automated micro-pipettor module used to dispense concentrated radioisotope micro-doses and automatically proceed to the subsequent dilution, following a batch recipe set in the control system. The operator then proceeds only to the handling of the product vials and to the loading and unloading of the autoclave.

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