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Mo-99 Dispensing
cGMP double hot cell for Mo-99 dispensing, packaging and storage

cGMP double hot cell for the dispensing of 99Mo (API) aliquots from 65 TBq bulk , and packaging out to shipping Containers; shielded with 180mm of lead.

Mo-99 Dispensing Packaging Storage Line
  • Number of working chambers:
    • 3 + 2
  • Type of process:
    • Non sterile API manufacturing
  • Type of shielding:
    • Lead 180mm / Lead 150mm
  • Automation systems available:
    • containment handling of B(U) transport containers
  • Particularly interesting features:
    • handling up to 65TBq 99Mo
    • “SIL-3”-certified safety interlocks according to IEC 61508
  • Productivity:
    • Up to 20 multi-dose / batch vials.

Production plant consisting of two high-shielding hot cells in which it is possible to perform fractionation, calibration and preparation operations for shipment of 99Mo bulk.

The system can safely handle up to 65 TBq of 99Mo and is equipped with special dose calibrators to measure these extreme activities. Due to the high gamma emission in the chamber, the hot cell is made with appropriate design considerations on materials and components capable of withstanding high doses of ionizing radiation. It is also built and validated with appropriate safety systems (SIL-3 ref IEC 61508) for monitoring and related interlocking on access points and airlocks.

It is possible to safely connect 1.2 Tons transport flask through a door on the ceiling.

The cell is also equipped with waste extraction systems and a connection door for B(U) containers that can be adapted to different formats.

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