FHR1 50 LAF Shielded Radiochemistry Fume Hood with Laminar Flow

Used in GMP Radiopharmacy Nuclear Medicine , Radiopharma  ·  For Filling Dispensing , Quality control
FHR1-50-LAF - Shielded Radiochemistry Fume Hood with Laminar Flow

Radiochemistry shielded hood for manipulations at medium activity, with frontal sliding shield and laminar flow. Workstation suitable for the breakdown of the air-hanging radio-isotopes coming from the manipulation of liquid or volatile gaseous substances.


  • BMI mobile lead shielding with shielded glass
  • LED lamps for lighting
  • Panels with 4 electrical feeding sockets
  • Manometres for filters control (inlet and outlet filters)
  • Probe for LAF air speed
  • Bar with hooks to hold bags
  • 4 technical gases inputs
  • Absolute filter and active charcoal filter fitted with housing with barrier bag for safe replacement operation

Supporting structure made of AISI 304 stainless steel with Scotch-BriteTM finish.

All the bends, as requested by the pharmaceutical guidelines, have the right curve radius in order to guarantee the easiest cleaning conditions.
All joints are manufactured using the TIG welding method, i.e. in a tungsten inert argon (gas) atmosphere, then they are duly polished in order to obtain the best result in terms of easy-to-clean surface.
Shielding: the hood is shielded with 50 mm of lead in the worktop, the back wall and the lateral walls.

The front sliding protection is equipped with a lead glass window, dimensions 300 x 200 mm (w x h), thickness equivalent to 50 mm of lead.

The complete lead shielding is mounted in a continuous stainless steel covering for total decontamination. The 50 mm thick shielding is made using dove-tail lead bricks, in order to provide a continuous shielding. The bricks are extracted from first fusion lead ingots with a purity titre of Pb  98% + Sb  2%

The flow speed meets the critical area (class A) characteristics requested by the ECC-GMP directive: 0.45 m/s ± 20%.

Work area

The work area is entirely made of AISI 316L stainless steel with raised borders to retain any leakage of contaminating liquid. It is equipped with connections for technical gases, electrical sockets and a probe to monitor the LAF speed.

Two pressure gauges for continuous measurement of filters obstruction (absolute filter and active charcoal filters), a switch to turn on the internal lights and all controls for the manual valves that open/close the technical gases are placed on the front upper part of the hood.

Easy and safe filters replacement thanks to the bag-in bag-out system.

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FHR1 50 LAF: Shielded Radiochemistry Fume Hood with Laminar Flow

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