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BBST Series
Shielded Isolators for Dispensing

The shielded isolators series, mod. BBST, is a family of Class A radiopharmaceutical isolators, equipped with laminar flow on the entire main chamber. They can house automatic modules or fractioning systems in sterile conditions and in observance of cGMP regulations.


BBST - Shielded Isolators for Dispensing

Shielded Isolators for Dispensing: Comecer BBST Series

  • Modular design and flexible configuration
  • Touch screen for hot cell and dispensing system
  • Airtight connections for radioactive fluids
  • Fluid supply lines made of AISI316L stainless steel with ball shut-off valves
  • DOP test connections (filter leakage test)
  • Internal pressure automatic adjustment by modulating valves
  • Designed for housing automatic modules or fractionation systems in sterile conditions
  • High sensitivity tele-pliers (movement by ball bearings)
  • Semi-automatic bubble point test touch screen controlled
  • VPHP connections with hot cell and pre-chambers (manual valves, automatic optional)
  • Dose calibrator (available in the versions 2 Ci or 20 Ci) with touch screen console
  • Product extraction system (Drawing System)
  • cGMP compliant
  • Illuminate™ MI: IIoT manufacturing intelligence platform and factory-floor management.

The shielded isolators series, mod. BBST, is expressly dedicated to filling, calibrating and fractioning operations on vials/syringes.

The machine is ideal for small/medium vial productions (batches of 10-15 vials per batch) and, if requested expressly, for small syringe productions (batches of 3-5 5 ml syringes per batch). The cell guarantees maximum protection for the operator against ionising radiation through complete shielding, the air seal between the chambers and the use of tele-pliers.

These characteristics, along with the integrated measuring tools, make it particularly suitable for radiopharmaceutical dose preparation, in accordance with cGMP regulations.

In terms of GMP production, the cell features a ventilated pre-chamber for introducing materials.

BBST - Shielded Isolators for Dispensing + illuminate

Release the full potential of BBST Series with Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence

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