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New Products

A-MICRO BI rotary filling system

A-MICRO BI: High quality rotary filling system

6 June 2024

A-MICRO BI is a rotary filling system for RTU vials for the clinical and early stage pharma production. A-MICRO BI […]

Comecer - ATS LS - FlexLine

Flex-Line™: Sterile Robotic Filling System for Vials and Syringes

22 May 2024

Flex-Line™ is a robotic sterile filling system designed for aseptic processing of ready-to-use (RTU) vials and prefilled syringes (PFS). This […]

RTU Syringes and Vials filling line

Robotic aseptic filling line for dual chamber syringes and pharmaceutical vials

31 January 2024

Comecer developed an innovative robotic aseptic filling line for dual-chamber syringes and pharmaceutical vials. The complete line is composed by: […]

Alceo 4.0 Solid Target Processing System

Alceo 4.0 – Solid Target Processing System

6 September 2022

ALCEO is a fully automated system for the production of radionuclides used in radiopharma. The radionuclides produced are available in […]

ARGO 2.0 Vial Dispensing System

16 December 2021

ARGO 2.0 is an automatic dispensing system for vials. The equipment is designed and produced to dispense radiotracers used in […]

Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

15 February 2021

A guide for your production plant’s digital transformation Smart factories are predicted to deliver 500 billion US dollars in value […]

Our solutions for vaccine research and production

30 April 2020

Is your company focusing its efforts on vaccine production? Comecer is ready to supply equipment for vaccine research and production. […]


6 March 2020

A BATCH APPROACH FOR PATIENT SPECIFIC ONCOLOGY DRUGS Oncology drugs compounding Pharmacy Compounding is the creation of a personalized drug […]

Keep calm and ST-AI tuned: automation is finally heading to Sterility Testing!

28 October 2019

Imagine a lab where sterility testing is performed automatically. A dream? Not really. A New ST-AI Sterility Testing Automated Isolator […]

Discover Speedy Glove Integrity Test

Glove Testing 2.0: Speedy Glove – Introducing the fastest isolator and RABS glove testing system ever designed

3 April 2018

Don’t save on safety. Remember to check the gloves in your RABS or isolator on a daily basis. Their integrity […]

Cleanroom Alternative Isolator Technology

Cell Culture Manufacturing Challenges

19 March 2018

There is an alternative to cleanrooms to increase manufacturing capacity Continuing research into ATPMs (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products) based on […]