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Our solutions for vaccine research and production

Banner for our isolation solutions for vaccine research and production

Is your company focusing its efforts on vaccine production?

Comecer is ready to supply equipment for vaccine research and production.

We design and manufacture in-house the equipment you need for vaccine manufacturing.

We have off-the-shelf solutions if you are investigating how to quickly ramp-up production capacity while meeting GMP requirements.

Our equipment is used in the entire workflow, from formulation to fill finishing and packaging.

Here are our solutions, readily available from 6 to 8 months of order/reservation:

Research and Final Formulation

VaxISO™ – Upstream Isolator – Dedicated stand-alone isolator for Research and Final Formulation

Key features and benefits

  • Flexible configuration suitable for a variety of processes
  • Smart integration with incubator or refrigerator
  • On-Board decontamination system
  • Easy PLUG-AND-PLAY installation

Fill Finishing

COMBO PHILL™ – Aseptic Filling Line for Vials and Syringes, fully integrated with Isolator or RABS.

Key features and benefits

  • Ready to process Vials or Syringes in Tubs/Nest
  • 3000 p/h from 2R to 20R formats
  • Flexible, with semi-automatic or automatic modules
  • Suitable for in-line lyophilizer integration and automatic loading and unloading system

Quality Control Testing

New MSTI – the NEW Modular Sterility Testing Isolator

Key features and benefits

  • Modular approach to fit all sample loading
  • Grade A fully closed isolator with laminar airflow
  • Fast decontamination cycle
  • Ready to use installation and validation

Inspection and Packaging:

Comecer can assist with visual inspection and secondary packaging solutions by collaborating with other ATS Life Sciences Group companies.

If you are involved in vaccine research and production, especially now with the pandemic emergency, why not get in touch and discuss your needs with our team?

ATS Life Sciences group companies can also supply other special solutions for combined products or special device pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment.

Our experience allows us to cover your needs in all pharmaceutical or ATMP processes around virus infection disease treatments within any customized process you may require.

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