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IRIDE Dispenser-Autoinjector

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Warning! Starting October 2015 the Dispenser and Autoinjector model IRIDE is no longer available.
It has been replaced with the Automated Multidose Injection System IRIS »

Integrated radiopharmaceutical dispensing and infusion system

IRIDE Dispenser and Injector
IRIDE can inject patients with a FDG single-dose starting from a multi-dose vial. It is compact, easy to move (it has a motorised main wheel) and is battery operated.
The radioactive product is completely contained in a sterile/disposable kit; after each patient injection only the terminal part must be changed.
FDG total activity is measured by an ionization chamber.
The FDG multi-dose vial is directly loaded into the machine with its own shipping container. IRIDE is designed for use with most commercially available containers. Max FDG multi-dose vial activity is 700 mCi.
IRIDE has no limitation on FDG initial volume or concentration.
The entire content of the multi-dose vial is transferred into a 250 ml bulk container; the multi-dose vial is then completely rinsed with saline solution and emptied.

The FDG activity and volume (by weight) are measured, so activity concentration is accurately calculated (precision better than 2%).
Optimal bulk concentration is lower than 20 mCi/ml. In case of higher concentration, a dilution can be performed for better precision.

IRIDE can precisely dilute the FDG using a motorised syringe. After dilution, the bulk is accurately homogenised and all kit lines are primed. Remaining activity and concentration values are continuously displayed on the 15” command touch screen. The products are transferred via electrically operated three-way valves to the different kit end points.

The three-way valves operate with feedback signals.
The kit has two motorised syringes: one 10 ml is used for dilution and mixing, while a 3 ml is used for injection.

IRIDE may be connected to the Hospital network to acquire patient data. After each injection, a report is printed.

Product Highlights

  • Injects FDG into patients starting from a Multi-Dose vial
  • FDG Multi-Dose vial directly loaded on IRIDE with its own shipping container
  • Incoming FDG activity up to 700 mCi – 25.9 GBq
  • Dose-rate less than 20 µSv/h at 100 mm from external surface
  • No limits on FDG volume and concentration
  • Incoming FDG can be totally delivered to patients; no waste is generated
  • CE Medical Device labelled.

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