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Isolator Technologies for Primary Pharmaceutical Production

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Our Isolator Technologies for Primary Pharmaceutical Production cover the widest range of processes, from early API or excipient synthesis to final formulations. In this field, we handle all the various processes, from R&D to manufacturing, including main and ancillary equipment.

From Primary chemical industry manufacturing and R&D, to high-potent API dispensing and charging in reactor from the chemical synthesis, through the process phases to the final primary packaging.

Solving customer problems requires teamwork

  • Weigh and dispense highly potent active powders, securely and ergonomically, with attention to operator safety.
  • Fill drums or vials with sterile powder or liquid in a completely automated manner while maintaining product sterility.
  • Manipulate cell cultures under aseptic conditions
  • Perform sterility testing on products for a safe release to the market.
  • Prepare hospital oncology drugs ensuring both operator and product safety.

Specific solutions for all R&D chemical synthesis and manufacturing processes that match customer requirements, such as equipment integration, ATEX environment classification and lowest OEL (Operator Exposure Limit).

Customized solutions

Our Isolators can be customized for perfect integration of ancillary and process equipment to guarantee class 2 leakage test, ATEX 3GD or more internal and external classification, complete safety and ergonomic design for operator safety.


R&D or pilot scale application: multistage chambers isolator with kilo-labo reactor, vacuum tray dryer and laboratory scale integration.
Manufacturing process isolator application: dispensing and sampling, reactor loading with direct connection to the reactor flange, filter dryer powder handling, milling discharge, sieving operation, micronization with integrated micronizer and packaging vacuum system.

Isolateur de production

Isolateur pour le processus de production

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