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FHR1 50
Fume Hood for Manipulations at Medium Activity

Workstation for the breakdown of airborne radioisotopes coming from the manipulation of the volatile liquids or gas substances.

Completely made of 1.5 mm thick AISI 304 stainless steel with Scotch-BriteTM finish. Designed in accordance with the current Radioprotection standards. The frame is supported on feet that can be levelled and adjusted in height with a polyamide-supporting base.

FHR1-50 - Fume Hood for Manipulations at Medium Activity

FHR1 50 Hood for Manipulations at Medium Activity


  • LED lamps for lighting
  • Panels with electrical feeding sockets
  • BMI sliding shield with glass window
  • Pressure gauges for filters obstruction control
  • Absolute filter and active charcoal filter fitted with barrier bag housing for safe replacement operations
  • 4 technical gas inlets.


The shielding is made of lead with a thickness of 50 mm and is found in:

  • worktop
  • two outer side walls
  • front wall
  • back wall
  • front sliding protection with lead  glass window.

Work area

The work area is entirely made of AISI 316L stainless steel. All the joints are made using the “arc” welding technique and are cut and polished in an inert gas atmosphere.

The entire structure is thus stiffened by these sheet steel boxes. The worktop has raised borders to retain any leakage of contaminating liquids. A connection hole to the lower technical compartment is available on the worktop. This connection can be used as a passage for the capillary tubes and to discharge waste materials by inserting a special container for waste in the lower technical compartment (perpendicular to it). Furthermore, it can be used as a passage for the radioactive fluids with a connection from the floor by means of a lead duct, with 30 mm thickness (optional, upon customers request).

Connections for the technical gases and electric sockets are available in the work area.

Two precision pressure gauges for the continuous measurement of the filter obstruction (absolute filter and active charcoal filters) and the switch to turn on the internal lights and the controls for the manual valves that open/close the technical gases are located on the front upper part of the hood.


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