IBC Dose Calibrator

The IBC DOSE CALIBRATOR is a completely digital dose calibrator with a reading software. The ionisation chamber can be connected directly to a PC with Windows. Both the reading system and the control system are managed by the IBC-LITE reading software.

IBC - Dose Calibrator

Standard supply

  • IBC-LITE Software (PC non included)
  • Ionisation chamber (VIK-202 or VIK-203)
  • Power supply for Ionisation chamber
  • Well liner
  • Sample holder

Optional accessories

  • Extra lead shielding (20/50 mm Pb)
  • Mo-99 breakthrough set
  • Copper dipper
  • Extra well liner
  • Extra dipper
  • Label printer
  • Fanless miniPC
  • Dipper lift
  • Check sources

Like all Comecer dose calibrators, each model is used in combination with a completely digital VIK-202 or VIK-203 model ionisation chamber.

The IBC-LITE software offers an easy, intuitive touch screen interface that supports all the functions needed for dose  calibration in a Microbiological Safety Cabinet and in preparing single-patient doses. The IBC Dose Calibrator is extremely suitable for Radiopharmacy use within a Nuclear Medicine department, as it can be easily integrated into any type of Microbiological Safety Cabinet.

The IBC-DOSE CALIBRATOR supports all printers that use Windows drivers. The labels can be defined by the user via a dedicated tool in IBC-Lite that is complete and easy to use.

The IBC DOSE CALIBRATOR has CE Medical Device marking and is FDA approved.

Features IBC-LITE software

  • GAMP-5 validated
  • Built-in isotope list
  • Isotope preset list
  • Suitable for measuring vials and syringes
  • User-definable containers
  • Future dose calculation
  • Quality control tests for the Ionisation chamber:
    • Stability, linearity and null effect
  • Molybdenum breakthrough test
  • Background subtraction
  • Printing user-definable labels
  • Touch screen control

Minimum system specifications

  • PC system with Windows XP or higher
  • 1x RS-232 interface for the Ionisation chamber
  • 1x USB interface for the optionally label printer.

Update to IBC-Nuclear Medicine and IBC-GMP Radiopharmacy

IBC-LITE can be updated to the software versions to manage activity in Nuclear Medicine and Radiopharmacy: IBC-Nuclear Medicine and IBC-GMP Radiopharmacy.

The IBC-Nuclear Medicine is a client-server based software environment to manage the daily routines in a Nuclear Medicine department. The software guarantees full traceability from ordering stock to injection of the patient dose. The software also offers the functionality to implement user definable protocols for a guided and controlled workflow to standardise the preparation process from stock to patient dose.

The IBC-GMP Radiopharmacy is a state-of-the-art solution based on client/server to manage the daily routine in radiopharmaceutical production centres that require “GMP” traceability. In these centres, the IBC-GMP Radiopharmacy management system offers a high level of integrated automation to standardise processes. In Radiopharmacies, the software supports order management, preparation and dispatch of ready-made multi-dose vials and/or syringes. The software guarantees full traceability from ordering stock to the end product.

Today’s GMP guidelines dictate that all processes need to be reported, validated and justified. Thanks to IBC-GMP Radiopharmacy, the highest level of GMP compliance can be integrated.

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