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68Ga and 45Ti production using the ALCEO solid target system

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ALCEO Solid Target Processing System

“68Ga and 45Ti production on a GE PETtrace cyclotron using the ALCEO solid target” is the title of our recent 2018 SNMMI Annual Meeting presentation and an occasion to present an update on our ALCEO Solid Target System. Mario Malinconico, Comecer’s Solid Target Processing System Specialist, was the expert speaker.

If you were not present, you might like to know the top 3 questions that participants asked. Here they are, along with Mario’s answers:

1. Is the Nickel or Zinc electroplating process robust?

Yes, we always electroplate 100% of the enriched material. The nickel electroplating takes 15h, the zinc one 6h.

2. How much 68Ga is it possible to produce with the Alceo Solid target system?

Bombarding at 30µA for 3 hours we can reach a saturation yield of 45mCi/µA; so we can produce more than 1Ci of 68Ga

3. Is it possible to store the plating on the shuttle for a long time in order to have it ready to use for the next bombardment?

Yes, it’s possible to plate Ni/Zn on the shuttle and storing the shuttle itself in the parking position of the EDS. It will be ready for the next production.

Browse the slides of his presentation below. To request a pdf copy, fill out the form.

ALCEO Solid Target Presentation at SNMMI Annual Meeting 2018 from Comecer
If you are interested in ALCEO, visit the page dedicated to the latest ALCEO resources.

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