BBST COMBO La combinazione vincente per il tuo laboratorio di medicina nucleare

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This new entry in the Comecer product portfolio is a shielded isolator for synthesis and dispensing used in nuclear medicine laboratory.

It will be shown in public for the first time at the EANM2014 Congress in Goteborg, Sweden, so if you are attending this event, do stop by booth 174 to see it and feel free to ask any questions that you might have.


We are placing 2 distinct processes inside one system, so it becomes a shielded isolator with a Class B area dedicated to synthesis and a Class A laminar flow area for aseptic dispensing. Its dimensions allow quite a large synthesis module, even with HPLC.


Space savings

A BBST Combo unit can take up to 50% less space than 2 separate devices (for example, BBS1 hot cell plus BBST shielded isolator). If space is running out in your lab, this could be the solution you were looking for.

Cost savings

A single unit handling two processes is less expensive than two separate hot cells.

Faster processing

Going directly from synthesis to fractioning allows the operator to quickly and safely replace radiofluid capillary lines, without the need for a trench for each batch ; moreover the short distance allows minimum dispersion of the radioactive fluid.

Easier sterility

Not having to transfer each batch to a second dispensing device removes the contamination risk with the external environment. All processing takes place in one single environment.


Take a look at this diagram showing the various chambers and process connections inside the BBST Combo:

BBST-COMBO general connection

As you can see, there is an isolated waste compartment that can receive waste from both the dispensing and the synthesis areas, adhering to GMP regulations and accumulating radioactive waste in a separate compartment. With this design, you can quickly access the preparation areas and use the hot cell for back-to-back production.

If you are not going to EANM14, we still want to hear from you. Tell us what you think of this new combination device and ask your questions by filling out the form below. Our product experts will get back to you.

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According to Italian laws you must give us your consent to use your personal information. Please read our privacy policy.