Choose the right IBC Software Solution for your department

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After filling out your personal data, you will proceed to the next 3 steps where you will answer a few questions about your department and requirements.
This will allow us to select the best IBC Software configuration, e-mail it to you and follow it with a detailed quotation.

Step 1 ~ Personal Data
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Step 2 ~ Configure your IBC
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Step 3 ~ IBC Nuclear Medicine Options
Floating Licences: three (3) included

Link with other software: DICOM Link included

Automatic Injectors: IRIS support included

Production: Normal (cold kit and dispensing) included

Dose calculation: EANM dosage cards included

Dose calibrator: Comecer dose calibrator included

Step 3 ~ IBC Radiopharmacy Options
Floating Licences: five (5) included





Step 3 ~ IBC Clinic Options
Floating Licences: two (2) included


Automatic injection feature includes IRIS Link

Dose Calculation feature includes EANM dosage cards

Dose Calibrator feature includes Comecer dose calibrator

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Step 4 ~ Installation & Training

Training: 2 days on site training included