Dose Calibrators model Talete

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TALETE is a new conception radionuclide Dose Calibrator, designed to comply with the latest regulations and to offer state-of-the-art performances.
Due to the new-design electrometer board and application software, it provides fast and accurate radionuclides sample measurements. TALETE has on-board programmed diagnostic functions, such as zero, background adjustment and HV measurement, together with a full set of quality control routines, making them ideal instruments for Nuclear Medicine departments and PET facilities.

The new application software includes all features required for a fast and reliable use of the instrument: SQLDatabase structure for storing and retrieving all procedures and labels, report generation, application time activity calculation, fast Daily QC execution, sources archive, user defined geometries database. These Dose Calibrators are designed for continuous use and are configured both as Stand-Alone instruments (TALETE-SA) or to be installed inside Comecer’s hot cells (TALETE-HC).

Main characteristics

TALETE has stainless steel finishing for easy cleaning and decontamination. It consists of one or two module with high pressure, deep well, ion chamber coupled to a high precision measuring electronics and a separate industrial PC based console. The large 12” LCD touch screen with IP65 protection degree allows to operate TALETE with great handiness. The software was developed to speed up quality check and measurement operation, bearing in mind the needs of a laboratory use: large area virtual buttons allow to control the instrument even with gloves.

The Comecer dose calibrator is a class IIb Medical Device and CE certified (93/42/EEC Attachment II) by accredited institute  TÜV 0123

TALETE has two basic configurations:

    • TALETE-SA: Stand Alone model

      Pet Dose

      Dose Calibrator model Stand Alone

    • TALETE-HC: Comecer’s hot cells model
Dose Calibrator model hot cell

Dose Calibrator model Hot Cell - Detais of the Console Tray

Both configurations have second chamber connection capability for further upgrade of the system. Both chamber display and control are simultaneous.



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