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GITS Glove Integrity Testing System

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Warning! Starting October 2017 the GITS Glove Integrity Testing System is no longer available.
It has been repalced with Speedy Glove »

GITS – Glove Integrity Testing System is used to test glove integrity in conformity with the pressure decay method ISO 14644-7, Annex E.5 (test in positive pressure).

Today, the demand for higher safety in handling operations inside an isolator has increased the need and the frequency of the controls of one of the most critical parts of an isolator: the GLOVE. This product is fully cGMP and is conceived to give an appropriate answer to every need, in terms of safety, ease of use and flexibility.

The Wi-Fi connection with a remote PC, the battery-driven concept and the compact design, extremely facilitate the application also in inaccessible locations.

The basic configuration is equipped with 1kit to test 2 gloves simultaneously. The system can also be equipped with additional hand glove testing units, in order to check up to 20 gloves at the same time, or more….

GITS Glove Integrity Testing System

Main Features of glove integrity testing system

  • Break-Proof Combo Kit Case including: PC, wireless router, compressed air pistol, mobile battery charger
  • Software User friendly, specifically designed
  • Data Record & traceability
  • Data transmission via Wi-Fi
  • Easy Start-up & testing
  • cGMP compliant

How it works

The glove testing unit only needs compressed air supply used to blow the glove.
The operator places the testing unit directly on each flange-glove to be tested and easily secure it pushing a button. After inflation the system is then ready to perform the integrity glove test.
Each testing unit works individually.

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