ValueCell COMBI
Cell & Gene Therapy modular isolator

ValueCell COMBI is a new modular Cell & Gene Therapy isolator.

This concept puts together several options allowing different approaches to various aspects of Cell Therapy Manufacturing. This COMBInation of several “SOLO” modules, allows greater processing options, besides additional space.

Overall, in the configuration shown, the system has an option for alternative decontamination of some sensitive starting materials, which cannot be performed by Hydrogen Peroxide. In this case we need a flexible way for decontaminating items using successive “passages”, upgrading the cleanliness of the materials up to the full “Grade A” of the processing chambers. For this reason, this isolator includes a Laminar Flow Hood, where this manual decontamination can be initiated. To complete the system, we have implemented a mousehole door to pass materials without altering the pressure cascade among the environments.


  • Advanced Modularity
  • Flexibility in material introduction
  • Parallel processing
  • Compact design
  • Illuminate™ MI: IIoT manufacturing intelligence platform and factory-floor management

The system can be fully equipped for a stand-alone manufacturing, holding centrifuges, quarantine incubators, process incubators, fully integrated, allowing tens of patients to be manufactured at the same time, and full capabilities for all-in-one upstream, processing and downstream operations including integrated filling or product packing options.

Configurations can vary, putting together a COMBInation of different modules with different equipment, different connections among modules and different accessory parts. This system can be considered a general-purpose system particularly suitable for full Cell&Gene manufacturing in small-medium realities.

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