Discover Speedy Glove: new automatic portable glove integrity tester

Speedy Glove is a battery-powered portable device capable of performing leak testing on gloves installed on isolators or RABS in which a strict separation between the isolated area and the external environment is required. The system is able to perform a pressure deterioration integrity test that complies with the requirements of ISO 14644-7 Annex E.5.

Speedy Glove is suitable for all isolators equipped with glove flange such as those dedicated to aseptic processes, containment processes, the manipulation of API and HAPI and the manipulation of radiopharmaceuticals. There are no restrictions on the type of glove flange on which to perform the test thanks to the flexible adapter system that makes Speedy Glove compatible with the glove flanges currently in use on the market or with any custom variants.

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Speedy Glove

Automatic glove tester for integrity testing

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